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Osmonds - winylowe plyty

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Plyty winylowe - Osmonds

Tytul i inne informacje
1. The Plan


przez - MGM Records
nr. - 620334
rok - 1973
kraj - Germany

Club Edition
Utwory znajdujace sie na plycie:
Side A
1    War In Heaven
2a    Traffic In My Mind
2b    Vignette: Don't Take It Too Easy
3a    Before The Beginning
3b    Vignette: It's All Up To You
4a    Movie Man
4b    Vignette: I'm Sorry
5    Let Me In
6    One Way Ticket To Anywhere

Side B
1    Are You Up There?
2    It's Alright
3    Mirror, Mirror
4    Darlin'
5    The Last Days
6    Goin' Home
Tytul i inne informacje
1. "Live"


przez - MGM Records
nr. - 2315 117
rok - 1972
kraj - England
Utwory znajdujace sie na plycie:
Side A
1. Intro
2. Motown Special
3. My World is Empty Without You
4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
5. I Can't Get Next To You,Baby
6. Double Lovin'
7. Your Song
8. Sweet And Innocent
9. You've Lost That Lovin'Feelin'
10. Proud Mary
11. Go Away Little Girl

Side B
1. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
2. Where Could I Go But To The Lord
3. Everytime I Feel The Spirit
4. We Gotta Live Together
5. Trouble
6. I Got A Woman
7. Hey Girl
8. Down By The Lazy River
9. Yo-Yo
10. One Bad Apple
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